Maxter Healthcare Selects Brazoria County for their first U.S. State of the Art Manufacturing Complex

Maxter Healthcare Inc. is planning a major manufacturing facility located on 215 acres in Brazoria County, Texas; which is expected to create as many as 1,200 direct jobs when completed. Maxter Healthcare specializes in medical glove manufacturing. The project is undertaken by Maxter Healthcare Inc, a subsidiary of the Supermax Group.

The new manufacturing facility is planning to increase production across four phases of build out with phase one beginning in the first quarter of 2022 and having production by the fourth quarter of 2022. Each phase is expected to produce 400 million gloves per month. When all the four phases are completed, the total installed production capacity would be a whopping 1.6 billion gloves per month or 19.2 billion gloves per annum.

This project will be Supermax’s 18th manufacturing facility worldwide but the first one in the United States.

Stanley Thai, Founder and President said, “This domestic manufacturing capacity will aid the U.S. in its ability to respond to the current pandemic and help safeguard the U.S. in the future. In addition, through the establishment of our research and development center and collaborations with the local and regional education institutions we will be developing innovative new products and technologies.”

“The manufacturing plant will be equipped with world-class capabilities such as automation, robotic manufacturing and Industry Revolution 4.0. We are also proud to collaborate with American companies in the area of Automation and Robotic Engineering”, says Mr. Thai.

CK Tan, CEO, noted, “This manufacturing facility, when operational, will strengthen the U.S. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply Chain by building domestic capacities. We will be capable of catering to at least 10% to 15% of the total annual medical glove imports into the country over the next two to four years. Over the next four to six years, as our capacity increases, we will be able to provide 20% to 25%of the domestic demand and consumption.

Maxter Healthcare’s decision to choose Texas started with a site list that included New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas. The list was narrowed to Florida and Texas with the decision to locate in Brazoria County, Texas finalized this year. Local support for the development has been strong and encouraging.

“We welcome Maxter Healthcare and the significant investment they are making in the county and the great job opportunities they will provide for our citizens.” Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta

Superintendent Carol Nelson, said, “The long-term benefits of a project like this in our community are clear and significant. The direct and indirect jobs and educational partnerships abound. The implications of a project like this goes far beyond our local boundaries and will add to our local economy.”

“Our community is uniquely suited for this project, said Phyllis Saathoff, Executive Director/CEO of Port Freeport. “It is significant because the project will bring important PPE capacity home and create jobs for our citizens. Maxter will benefit not only from our Port’s strategic location and capacities, but a symbiotic relationship with other local industries for feedstock. This project makes sense especially in light of the ongoing supply chain interruptions experienced around the world.”

About Supermax Healthcare Inc.

The Supermax Group was founded 1987 as a trading business distributing latex gloves. Building its first manufacturing facility in 1989 the company now has 18 manufacturing facilities worldwide and now commands a significant market share in the highly-competitive U.S. dental market. Supermax is committed to research and development as well as product innovation. The company strives for the pursuit of quality and excellence.

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